lunes, 6 de mayo de 2013

Decorating with swings

Hi everybody!
Today I´m bringing you a fun decoration, not only because of the aspect, but also
because of the use we can give to it.

When I hear the word "swing"it always makes me think of my childhood,
but recently I gave the word a different meaning--> great idea for decorating.
I am kind of sure that still now you can not associate a swing as a piece
of decoration inside the house, but as it might sound weird to you,
it sounds great for other people like me, and I am going to show you know why.

Hemispherical swings
These swings hemispherical give a different touch to any corner of the house.
Not only they are modern and beautiful, but are also comfy, I've tested 
and I love them.

But of course... this are not the typical swings you were thinking of, right?

Swings used for our playing
Who has not used a wooden swing sometime in their life?
Or who has not asked their father to buy one and hang it from a tree?
At least I've lived all that, and now those old swings we can use as a nice piece
for decorating our living room or any other room we want.
Wooden swing in the living room.

White wooden swing in the kids room.
Padded swing in the living room.
Without any doubt, this is the one I like most by far.
It really looks great and matches the rest of the decor.
Wooden swing in the living room.
Wooden swing in the home office.
Wooden swing in the dining room with Eames chairs--> Great deco.
Not all of these swings that I have shown are used to swing.
You have to think that some are truly a master piece or art piece, the they are 
used as such, however, those located in the rooms of the children are intended
for the game of these.

Other swings
Sofa-swing for indoors and outdoors.
Small wooden sofa-swing with wooden back.
Sofa porch swing.
Swing-basket for accessories.

So.. what do you think of the idea of ​​using this swings as decoration?
I think it´s very original and surely we will surprise anyone with this choice.

Greetings to all, and see you soon.

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